Ohio Green and White Write Up

Scarlett Wagner
September 23, 2023

Bobcat Hockey looks to open the season with annual Green and White Scrimmage

Scarlett Wagner | @swagner_03 on Twitter


Athens, Oh - It’s the end of September and the annual Green and White Bobcat Hockey Scrimmage is upon us. The Green and White scrimmage is the first time that Bobcat Hockey fans will get to see the team in action, as they play against each other. We asked a few of the guys about their thoughts on the Green and White scrimmage.


Q. What makes the annual Green and White game special?


The Green and White game is the first chance to get the fans back in Bird and for the younger guys to experience the game day feel of the arena. It’s a great inaugural game to get the season headed in the right direction. Sam Turner, Captain, Graduate student


For me, the thing that makes the Green and White game so special is the banter between the guys on different teams. It’s gun to compete against each other and make the team better as well. Spencer Schons, Junior


I think being back in Bird for the first time after a long summer, playing in a game with your teammates again is what makes the Green and White game special. John McLaughlin, Junior


It’s the city’s first look at the team for the upcoming year, so I think that’s what makes it special. Laker Aldridge, Sophomore


Q. As a veteran, how do you mentor and support younger teammates during these scrimmages?


During these scrimmages, I just play the younger guys as tough as any opponent would. Coming into college can be an adjustment for some, so it’s important for the team to play as game-like as possible in all situations. Sam Turner, Captain, Graduate student


I encourage them to work hard and to not be scared to make mistakes. This is the perfect time to play loose and try and find a game-like rhythm that they can carry into the season and feel good on the ice. Spencer Schons, Junior


As a veteran, I make sure all the guys have fun and enjoy it, but also keep a good compete level at the same time. John McLaughlin, Junior


I think it’s more about leading by example, to show the younger guys that every game is just as important as the next and that they have to show up and play each and every day. Laker Aldridge, Sophomore



Q. Looking ahead to the regular season, what are your personal goals and expectations? How do these inter-squad scrimmages factor into achieving them?


My expectations are to take everything day by day and get better day by day. My goal is to win a National Championship, and to reach that we need to get better every single day. Sam Turner, Captain, Graduate student


My goal this season is to win a National Championship with this team. These inter-squad scrimmages are a perfect way to set the tone for our work ethic for the season and to shake the rust off before heading into Week 1. Spencer Schons, Junior


In terms of the regular season, I’m looking to make more of an impact offensively, as well as defensively. I’m also working to make myself and all the guys better by pushing them outside of their comfort zones, whether it be during practice, after practice, or in the weight room. The Green and White game helps us work on details that we’re trying to nail down before our first games. It also allows us to showcase the incoming freshmen, as well as display the strides that returning guys took during the summer. I’m definitely looking forward to this game and seeing fans back in Bird. John McLaughlin, Junior