Hockey players go after the puck during a game.

OHIO Hockey News

Ohio Green and White Write Up

By: Scarlett Wagner September 23, 2023

Bobcat Hockey looks to open the season with annual Green and White Scrimmage

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Syracuse v. OU Preview

By: Jake Collins November 2, 2023

Ohio’s matchup this upcoming weekend against Syracuse will be a future reference for the level of play that the Bobcats will endure in the later stage of the year, as Syracuse has faced three opponents that the Bobcats will see later in the season.

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Hockey: Numbers to know from Ohio's 5-2 victory at John Carroll

By: Emma Erion September 24, 2022

Ohio had its season opener Friday, and is coming back home to Bird Arena on Saturday with its first victory under its belt. After a solid offseason and training camp, Ohio was back and better than ever and was ready to take on John Carroll.

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